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Spicy Excerpt from The Switch

The Switch

“Would you like coffee or something, Sean? It’s a nasty wind out there.”

“Sure, that’d be good.” He fell into place beside her.

She hesitated when she saw the number of people in the hotel bar. “Would you like to come up to my room? It’s a suite and I can make coffee there.”

“Whatever you want.”

Beth turned to face him, considering the implications of her offer and his response. A day and a half since she’d last seen him, but her body was as hungry as if it had been months. “Actually, I’ve been thinking about something strong and hot and masculine. I can make coffee if you’d prefer, but I’d rather start with the other.”

His blue eyes gleamed. “As I said, ma’am. Whatever you want will be fine with me.”

He was silent in the elevator, avoiding contact with the other passengers by moving to the back. Beth sidled closer, until she was leaning against him. His arm came around her waist, low enough that the others wouldn’t see. She purred very quietly at his heat surrounding her, rising from the strength of his body and his breath in her hair.

He nuzzled her neck while she tried to open the door to her room. She thought about mentioning the security cameras overhead, then decided to focus on the door. She wanted to be filled by that big cock of his, as they hadn’t done before. And she really preferred Sean naked in the bed for that, rather than a quickie in the hall.

Finally the door opened and they stumbled in, only to kiss passionately. “Oh, yes,” she murmured, dropping her purse so she could lock her arms around his neck. “Oh, yes, Sean.”

She abandoned herself to the kiss, enjoying the lips and tongue that worked her mouth so thoroughly. His hands stroked her ass, in perfect rhythm with his mouth. She wrapped a leg around his hip, opening herself.

He shuddered at the increased intimacy and squeezed her. She moaned encouragement and pressed even closer.

“Beth, honey. Beth.”

She opened her eyes at the hoarse croak and tried to think. “I’ve got condoms in the nightstand,” she offered.

“It’s not that.” His hand rubbed the underside of her lifted leg, then let it down slowly as she pulled herself together.

“If you’re not saying no . . . And I don’t think you are, given this,” she wriggled her hips against him, enjoying the hard ridge behind his zipper. “Then what is it?”

“I want to make love to you. But I’d like to take my time at it. Get to know you and what you like.”

Beth cocked her head, caught by his tone of voice. “Have you ever done that before? Explored a woman the way you want to?”

Color rose, bright and hot in his cheeks, but his eyes stayed locked with hers. “No, Beth, I haven’t.”

She could be his first, the one who allowed him to evoke the pleasures of a woman’s body. It was the sexiest thing anyone had ever said to her. Her body coalesced into a surge of longing. “Yes,” she croaked, then tried again. “Yes, of course, you can, honey. Where do you want me?”

He considered the options, surveying the dining table, the sofa, and the bedroom beyond. She thought wryly that his night vision must be excellent, since the only light came from a small lamp in the distant bathroom. Any light from the outside was blocked by the heavy curtains, closed by the night-time maid service.

“On the bed will be good. I’ll turn the lights on, too, if I may.”

“Certainly.” She dropped her stole on the table and took up position by the bed. He turned on the lamps and the overhead light, leaving the sitting room in the darkness. Anyone on the bed would be fully exposed, yet isolated from the world beyond.

Beth had seen games staged at great expense for SM parties that left her far less excited than his simple arrangements. Moisture gathered under the gold brocade gown, leaving her both powerful and yielding at the same time.

He shrugged out of his heavy jacket, her eyes hungrily following every movement. He emptied his pockets carefully, setting the contents on the dresser.

He caught her watching him in the mirror and shrugged. “I don’t want to lose anything and mess up your bed.”

“That’s all right.” Why did such little gestures echo through her blood to her bones until she couldn’t talk?

“Do you want to take your clothes off?”

“Sean.” His name was a hoarse cough. She tried again. “This time is for you. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

He stared at her, startled. Understanding lit his eyes, followed by a bright blaze of delight. The thread of a successful scene, of his dominance and her submission, snapped into place between them. When he spoke, it wasn’t what she expected. “Are those diamonds in your ears?”

“Yes, and around my wrists.”

“I’ve always wanted a woman wearing nothing but diamonds.”

Hot color swept over her breasts. They tightened and ached against the lace bra. His lips curved to show a hint of white teeth. She trembled slightly but waited.

“Take the dress off.”

She slid first one shoulder, then the other free, moving as slowly as she could. She arched her back to reach the zipper and heard him hiss. His face was impassive when she looked at him, but she still exulted in her effect on him. Finally, the dress fell to the floor, and she stepped free of it.

“The bra next.”

The black lace of her pushup bra lent itself to even more delay. But, eventually, it too reached the floor.

“Thong now.”

She shimmied out of it, timing her moves to the harsh sounds of his breathing. Now she wore only stockings and heels, plus the diamonds.

“Sit down on the bed.”

He hooked a chair and sat down before her. “Lean back, honey. On your elbows so you can watch, too. And give me your foot.”

She lifted one foot to his knee. He studied the handmade Italian shoe closely then took it off, moving at a speed that made her efforts seem like a Grand Prix race. He rubbed her foot and she purred, eyes slitting as she enjoyed his touch. She also confirmed that he had a foot fetish.

When he had reduced that foot and its attached limb to something resembling a warm puddle, he spoke again. “Other foot, honey.”

She opened one eye to look at him when he stopped. Both of her legs were relaxed now and totally sensitized to his touch. They lolled open, allowing him clear sight of her folds and the dew covering them. She was hot and wet and bothered, more than willing, and ready for his next move.

“Now, watch me take off the stockings.”

She obeyed, enjoying how his thumb found the sensitive point behind her knee. She liked feeling his rough hand there, without the silk to hide even the slightest contact. Her eyes tried to close, so she could focus more on his fingers, but she managed to keep them open. He had ordered her to do so, after all.

He stroked the inside of her thighs, unerringly returning to the same spots that he’d mapped once before with his mouth. “Lie down, honey, and show me your breasts.”

She blinked at him, then obeyed reluctantly. Her hands slowly circled her breasts, then followed the delicate veins to her aureoles. She cupped and lifted her breasts out to him, rubbing her thumbs over her nipples and trying desperately to entice him closer.

He sat quite still and watched her.

Beth bit her lip and started again. This time, she half-closed her eyes and acted simply to please herself. The movements came more easily and her breasts responded eagerly, swelling and rising into her touch. She moaned and closed her eyes, arching her back to let her nipples push against her palms. She twisted and tugged one fat pink bud, gasping at the hot surge that flooded her body.

Suddenly Sean leaned forward and covered her breasts with his big hands, stopping her movements. Her eyes flashed open to stare at him.

“Take your hands away,” he growled. She obeyed, running her tongue over her lower lip in anticipation.

He stayed still, simply encasing her with the rough warmth of his touch. Beth took a deep breath and tried to make her chest move against those tormenting hands. His mouth twitched but he didn’t shift a muscle. She rocked her torso back and forth, trying to get the sensations she craved.

“Freeze,” he snapped and she did so, startled by his tone of voice.

“Please, Sean,” she begged, feeling the wetness gliding down her thighs. “Please!”

“Are you hungry, pretty lady?” he asked, his voice deepening. “Do you want me to handle your tits?”


“Maybe,” he drawled. Beth whimpered but waited for him.

“Pretty lady,” he said again. Then he finally handled her. He traced veins and muscles, mapped nerves until she wriggled, desperate for release.

“Please, Sean! Please, I need more!” she gasped as he finally took her into his mouth. Her head fell back and she clutched him closer, until his body half-covered hers.

He grunted something but never broke contact with his mouth. Something in her bones noted that he was a fast learner, as his early awkwardness soon fell to a focused certainty. Maybe he was just a good observer.

“Sean!” she yelped at the first nip. He stopped immediately. “Damn you, Sean, more!” She yanked at his head and he chuckled, only to start using lips and tongue and teeth to drive her wild. She writhed under him, pleading for more. He gave it to her with his hand, shoving three fingers inside. The sudden fullness, combined with the forceful thrust, vaulted her into climax.

She started to come down from the peak, gasping for breath. But his hand never stopped. He kept thrusting into her, riding her without mercy, until she begged again for more. Then he moved to the other breast and repeated the process, until she shattered again. “Iku!” she gasped, reverting to Japanese.

She sucked in a deep breath when his hand covered her navel. His head lifted and he watched intently as she shivered under his light touch. “Here, too?”

“Oh, yes, Sean. It’s. . . not. . . called. . . my center — eee — for nothing.” She tried to breathe, as her body fluttered and tightened under his explorations. His finger circled, then probed into her navel.

What would happen when his mouth found her navel? Two more orgasms, the second when his big fingers found a new spot deep inside her. Stars burst behind her eyes and she arched off the bed, when he repeated his attack on her G-spot.

She would have stretched like a well-fed cat, if she’d had any remaining energy, when he finally lifted his head. He didn’t touch her and she tried to open her eyes. “Sean?”

“Roll over now.”

Beth’s eyes widened at the command in his voice. She wouldn’t be able to guide him with her hands then, only respond to whatever he chose to do. She would have to totally yield and he knew it. But he demanded her consent first.

Hunger that she’d thought more than satisfied rushed back into her.

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Excerpt from The Switch by Diane Whiteside
Copyright © 2005 by Diane Whiteside
All rights reserved


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