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Every woman needs a devil by her side...

Texas Vampires

Welcome to the land of the Texas vampires! Here you can learn about Don Rafael Perez, the men who serve him, and the women who love them.

Don Rafael Perez was originally a thirteenth-century Spanish knight. In his honor, the vocabulary for the Texas vampires’ universe is drawn from feudal Spain. That very special time and place, where Christians, Moslems, and Jews lived together in a rich cultural synthesis, was also the origin of the vaqueros’ – and later the cowboys’ – cattle herding skills and specialized gear.

Linked to this page, you’ll find an explanation of how the books fit together and a glossary cheat sheet to use as a quick-and-dirty reference to help you read excerpts. Every book (except The Hunter’s Prey) has its own glossary and pronunciation guide, tailored to the languages used in it.

Please feel free to browse and learn more about each book, including excerpts, reading guides, videos, and more.

Crimson KissesBond of Darkness Bond of Fire Bond of Blood Unleashed The Hunter's Prey: Erotic Tales of Texas Vampires


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