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Dear Reader –

Welcome to my bookcase, where you can learn all about my books, novellas, and short stories.

From here, you can jump to two special shelves – my historicals and my Texas vampires. At my historicals, you’ll find information on my Devil books, my western novella, and my Civil War novella. My Texas vampires have demanded I create a rich universe for them. Their shelf explains how their books link together and gives you a start on understanding their world.

Here you can find out about The Switch, Sean and Beth’s story – and my only contemporary.

Captive Dreams lives here, too, which I co-wrote with Angela Knight.

The Write Ingredients, a cookbook organized by Lori Foster and her online readers’ group to raise money for their troop project, glows here. I’m honored to have contributed.

Please feel free to browse and learn more about each book, including excerpts, reading guides, videos, and more.

You can also click here to download a printable list of all my books.

Diane Whiteside


Texas Vampires

Bond of Darkness

Other Books

The Shadow Guard     Captive Dreams

Captive Dreams     The Switch

Beyond the Dark Vanished

     The Write Ingredients: Recipes from Your Favorite Authors

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