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Every woman needs a devil by her side...


Welcome to my historicals, the stories I’ve written about bygone times and places.

Here you’ll find my Devil books, the stories about the men of Donovan & Sons, a company which specializes in carrying “high-risk risk to high-risk places.” Founded during the California Gold Rush by William Donovan, it’s always given a warm welcome to combat veterans. Many of its customers can’t afford to live without Donovan & Sons’ services, whether they love or hate its men’s’ high-handed competence – an attitude my heroines can understand all too well.

The Devil books are written to stand alone, although William Donovan appears in each book.

“Talbot’s Ace” resides here, a western novella published in IMPROPER GENTLEMEN. It tells of a Southern-born gunfighter forced to make a hideous choice, between his only friend and that most appalling of females – a Northern aristocrat.

“The Seduction of Mrs. Rutledge” also resides here, a novella published in NOT JUST FOR TONIGHT. It’s an American Civil War story, about a Northern cavalry officer who must use military techniques to seduce his wife.

Please feel free to browse and learn more about each book, including excerpts, reading guides, videos, references, and more.

The Devil She Knows Kisses Like a Devil The Northern Devil The Southern Devil The River Devil The Irish Devil The Seduction of Mrs. Rutledge in Not Just for Tonight

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