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Every woman needs a devil by her side...

Owls, Hawks & Their Scientists

Burns, Jim North American Owls: Journey Through A Shadowed World

Wonderful, wonderful anecdotes about loving and encountering owls. Lots of pictures, too, chosen to make owls come alive, rather than easy to recognize. I lived with this book, while writing Bond Of Blood.

ISBN 1-57223-682-5

Duncan, James R., Dr. Owls of the World: Their Lives, Behavior and Survival

A far-ranging discussion of owls, including a solid description of what owls are and how they behave, owls in human mythology and culture, how humans study owls, the various threats to owls (both natural and man-made), strengthening owl habitats, owls of the world (including their conservation status).

Gosh, the hours I spent poring over this book! Definitely crucial for writing Grania.

ISBN 1-55297-845-1

Johnsgard, Paul A. Hawks, Eagles & Falcons of North America

A splendid survey of all American hawks, eagles and falcons with glorious pictures, maps and textual summaries.

ISBN 0-87474-682-5

Lawrence, R. D. Owls: The Silent Fliers (revised edition)

A fascinating set of anecdotes (with pictures) about American owls by a top authority.

ISBN 1-55209-588-6

Rupley, Agnes E.,
Manual of Avian Practice

The book on exactly how vets provide good care for birds.

The author is an Avian Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Certified in Avian Practice.

ISBN 0-7216-4083-4

Sutton, Patricia & Clay How to Spot An Owl

A glorious little book that does precisely what it says. It’s full of fabulous color pictures and tons of details about owls and the people who love them. Also includes a CD of owl calls.

I adore this book and found it crucial for writing Grania.

ISBN 1-881527-36-0 (paper)

Walker, Adrian The Encyclopedia of Falconry

A fascinating introduction to the falconry universe. It especially helped me understand how Don Rafael, as a medieval falconer, viewed hawks.

ISBN 1-56416-174-9


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