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Every woman needs a devil by her side...

A Few Key Texas Vampire Terms

Alferez mayor. al-FEH-reth. Military commander-in-chief.

Cachorro/cachorra. “Cub.” Immature vampiro.

Commandery. Garrison of vampiro warriors.

Compañero. “Companion.” Someone who drinks vampiro blood regularly but has not become a vampiro.

Concubino compañero. “Concubine companion.” A compañero who needs both blood and sexual congress with a vampiro to survive.

Cónyuge. CON-yuh-heh. Life mate.

Creador. “Creator.” A vampiro’s sire.

El Abrazo. “The embrace.” The entire process of becoming a vampiro.

Esfera. A vampiro territory.

Heraldo. Diplomat.

Hijo. EE-hoh. “Son.” A vampiro sired by a specific creador.

La Lujuria. “Lechery.” The Rut, when someone first becomes a vampiro.

Mesnadero. A vampiro warrior who is part of a patrón’s personal guard.

Patrón/patróna. The ruler of an esfera.

Prosaico/prosaica. A mortal human, neither vampiro nor compañero.

Siniscal. Seneschal.

Vampiro/vampira. Vampire.

Vampiro mayor/vampira mayor. “Elder vampire.” A vampiro who has lived for at least three hundred years and can survive in full daylight.

Vampiro primero/vampira primera. “Primary vampire.” The vampiro that a compañero is principally interested in drinking blood from.


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