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Knitting Together the Books

It took me years to get a grip on their universe. Some of my vision bubbled up in short stories – “La Paloma Blanca” in Blood Surrender, The Hunter’s Prey, “Red Skies at Night” in Unleashed. But most of their world appears in the Texas vampires trilogy: Bond of Blood, Bond of Fire, Bond of Darkness. The stories, novella, and books intersect and overlap.

One short story – “La Paloma Blanca” in Blood Surrender – also appears in The Hunter’s Prey.

The Hunter’s Prey’s episodes take place from 1867 through the present day. Grania, the heroine of Bond of Blood, is one of its narrators. Steve, the heroine of Bond of Darkness, is also one of its narrators.

The Hunter’s Prey’s final episode is the prequel to Bond of Blood. You should read both The Hunter’s Prey and Bond of Blood to understand Don Rafael and Grania’s full story,

Bond of Blood is the first volume of the Texas vampires trilogy. While most of the story takes place in present day Texas, part of it occurs in thirteenth century Spain and fifteenth century Lebanon.

Bond of Fire is the second volume, focusing on Jean-Marie St. Just, Don Rafael’s chief diplomat and spy. Again, while most of the story takes place in present day Texas and New Orleans, part of it takes place during the French Revolution and the Peninsular War. It was published in January 2008.

Bond of Darkness is the third volume, belonging to Ethan Templeton – Don Rafael’s top enforcer – and Steve Reynolds, a lady Texas Ranger. It starts during the 1920’s, in New Orleans during Mardi Gras – before spending most of its time in present day Texas. It’s due to appear in October 2008.

Each book of the trilogy can be read on its own, although they overlap in time during present day events. In fact, key scenes are told by more than one character to help you understand their background and impact.

“Red Skies at Night” tells of Gillian Fitzgerald and Travis, a New York cop whose family served Don Rafael for generations. It stands alone, with no connection to the other stories except for a brief appearance by Don Rafael.

“Crimson Kisses” tells of Sarah Calvert and Edmund Devereaux, whose 1866 elopement leads them to Texas. It too stands alone, with no connection to the other stories except for brief appearances by Don Rafael and Jean-Marie.


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