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Every woman needs a devil by her side...

Reading Guide for Bond of Darkness

Bond of Darkness

Berkley Trade
ISBN: 978-0425223543

Here are a few questions to talk about after you’ve read BOND OF DARKNESS.

1. When you’re reading speculative fiction, do you prefer a more realistic setting with fewer speculative elements or an entirely speculative setting? For example, Harry Potter (more realistic) versus Lord of the Rings (entirely speculative). What were some elements of the Texas vampires’ world that you found easiest to accept or that you enjoyed the most?

2. Stephanie Amanda “Steve” Reynolds is a Texas Ranger. How would you compare her job’s demands for strength to her vulnerability? Do you think her femininity has helped her in any way?

3. Compare Ethan Templeton’s attitudes and actions when he’s protecting Don Rafael Perez (the Texas vampire ruler) to when he’s protecting Steve. Is he more thorough with one than the other? More emotionally involved? Would you want Ethan as your protector?

4. Compare the Texas Rangers to the Texas vampires, especially their armed forces. For example, history, duties, how to join. Would you want to become one?

5. What do you think of subplots featuring other characters’ romances, for example, Don Rafael and Grania, etc.? Do you believe they strengthen the overall romantic atmosphere or would you prefer the focus to remain on one couple?


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