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Every woman needs a devil by her side...

Victorian High Style

Bain, David Haward Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad Fascinating and beautiful written, it told me why Nick Lennox was blackballed from Omaha, a Union Pacific town.
Cooper, Edward S. William Worth Belknap: An American Disgrace Very detailed and solidly written, I found this book extremely useful. Anyone interested in any aspect of 19th-century American military, Indian Wars, or politics should consider this a must-read.
Douglas County
Historical Society
Link A wonderful group of people, who answered all of my questions, including the ones I hadn’t thought to ask.
Gregory, Alexis Families of Fortune: Life in the Gilded Age Fabulous pictures and interesting text. I used it to find out about the Schuylers and Lindsays’ mansions.
Kidd, George The Irish Terrier A fun book about some great dogs.
Patterson, Jerry E. The Vanderbilts Juliet Townsend’s mansion is patterned after the Vanderbilts’ Breakers.
Stasz, Clarice The Vanderbilt Women: Dynasty of Wealth, Glamour, and Tragedy Tells many of the nuts-and-bolts for a young woman growing up in New York’s 1860s smart society.


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