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Every woman needs a devil by her side...


Beebe, Lucius and
Charles Clegg
The Age of Steam: A Classic Album of American Railroading

Photos, drawings and paintings from American railroading, complete with detailed captions. So many images that it’s almost like a newspaper’s morgue. A vital reference.

ISBN 0-88394-079-5

Cooper, Bruce C.,
compiled and edited by
Riding the Transcontinental Rails: Overland Travel on the Pacific Railroad, 1865-1881

A collection of first-person accounts, not all written for publication. Dozens of period engravings, maps, advertisements, and time tables.

Fabulous and a total godsend. It was at my elbow much of the time, while I wrote THE NORTHERN DEVIL.

ISBN 1411599934

Fisher, Leonard Everett Tracks Across America: The Story of the American Railroad 1825-1900

A children’s history of America’s railroads. Includes many interesting details not found elsewhere, like J.P. Morgan caning a photographer.

ISBN 0-8234-0945-7

Gould, William John Gilbert
Edited by William R.
My Life on Mountain Railroads

Memoirs of a fireman and engineer who worked in the high country during the last days of steam locomotion. Very vivid storytelling.

ISBN 0-87421-193-X

Maiken, Peter T. Night Trains: The Pullman System in the Golden Years of American Rail Travel

A detailed history of essentially passenger overnight travel, by state. A very useful reference book.

ISBN 0-8018-4503-3

Modelski, Andrew M.,
Geography and Map Division,
The Library of Congress
Railroad Maps of North America: The First Hundred Years

A set of historical railroad maps, each with a page of explanatory text. Most of them have cities, states, mountains, rivers, etc. in vivid detail. It’s a map maker’s history of the United States, as well as the railroads themselves.

ISBN 0-517-64297-2

Reinhardt, Richard Workin’ on the Railroad: Reminiscences from the Age of Steam

First-hand accounts of working men from the 19th to the early 20th century, during the Age of Steam. Vignettes are both vivid and critical to understanding the railroad’s work.

A book I read again and again for THE NORTHERN DEVIL and for my own enjoyment.

ISBN 0-8061-3525-5

Solomon, Brian Steam Locomotives

If you’re not mechanical – like me! – but you still want to understand locomotives, this is a great introduction. Lots of pictures. The text makes it clear why the big technical advances were useful.

ISBN 0-681-87882-7

Stover, John F.
Mark C. Carnes,
series editor
The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American Railroads

A great overview and my first stopping point for information about a time period or major railroad. I’m very, very fond of this book.

ISBN 0-415-92140-6

Welsh, Joe and Bill Howes Travel by Pullman

If you want to understand how passenger traffic worked, read this book. The text is as interesting as the pictures. I pored over it again and again.

ISBN 0-7603-1857-3

Wheeler, Keith and the
Editors of Time-Life Books
The Old West: The Railroaders

Wonderful, wonderful book! The text is as good as the pictures, which is saying a lot.

One of the books I kept always at hand while writing THE NORTHERN DEVIL.

Withuhn, William L.,
consultant editor,
Curator of Transportation,
National Museum of
American History,
Smithsonian Institution
Rails Across America: A History of Railroads in America

A collection of nine, copiously illustrated chapters, each written by an expert in its field. Fabulous book. Fascinating either as a quick skim – ah, the glorious pictures! – or an in-depth read. It was one of the few books I kept at hand, while writing THE NORTHERN DEVIL.

ISBN 0-8317-6482-1

Ziel, Ron American Locomotives in Historic Photographs, 1858 to 1949

Very high quality photographs of individual locomotives, each one with a detailed caption. A vital reference.


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