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Bond of Darkness, Dramatically Speaking

September 23, 2008 | Better than chocolate,News,The stories

How about listening to a scene from BOND OF DARKNESS?

One hot summer night along San Antonio’s Riverwalk, Steve practices going undercover with Ethan and his men as backup. But matters don’t proceed quite the way she expected…

Many thanks to COS Productions!

Diane, who adores the music

11:04 pm | 1 Comment  

The Danger of A Single Guitar

July 10, 2008 | Better than chocolate,The stories

Whoohooo! Circle of Seven Productions is creating a new way to enjoy a bit of BOND OF DARKNESS, called a sound scene. It’s a single scene, complete with narration, sound effects (!), and music.

We chose a scene where Steve goes undercover with Ethan to catch the serial killer, with lots of Texas flavor. Boy, did we have fun tossing around ideas to ratchet up the tension!

Even better, COS can write special music for a sound scene. So I asked for something reminiscent of a Sergio Leone western, like THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY’s theme. There’s just something about that guitar which sings to me of danger approaching from Texas’s loneliest countryside.

Tonight COS is adding the narration and I’m pacing the floor, waiting to hear the final result. I really need to go to bed because I have to go to work tomorrow. But there’s a guitar singing to me and it won’t let me sleep…

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Captive Dreams Comes to Life

April 4, 2008 | Better than chocolate,News,The stories

Hey, check this out!

CAPTIVE DREAMS finally comes to life – on film! Circle of Seven (aka COS) Productions did another fabulous job of capturing my book.

Okay, fellow authors: If you saw the hero you’ve been writing about – and tormenting – for years coming at you, what are you going to do? Run away from him – or toward him?


3:47 pm | 3 Comments  

Bond of Fire – on Film

March 15, 2008 | Better than chocolate,News,The stories

Hey, lookee here! BOND OF FIRE made it into a fabulous book trailer from Circle of Seven!

I’m always fascinated by what parts of a book wind up getting emphasized in a book trailer. This one puts the focus squarely on Jean-Marie and Hélène, the hero and heroine, plus their long agonized fight against the demands of duty and honor which keep them apart. Not to mention Celeste, Hélène’s little sister and the story’s villainess.

Film also has a nifty way of summarizing things in a few, rich images, too, that I deeply envy as a writer. I wish I could portray Paris in an instant – or a Texas ranch at sunset! But that’s what I keep working to learn how to do better. And, of course, I get to spend many long hours with my characters writing their stories. Yeehaw!

Hope you enjoy this book trailer as much as I do –


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Happy Birthday – from Publishers Weekly

December 1, 2007 | Better than chocolate,News

Wow, did I have a great birthday! My foster sister hauled me off to Disney World last week so she wouldn’t have to do the dishes on Thanksgiving Day.

(I like the way she thinks, don’t you? I’m not sure the men in our extended family did, though. Frankly, we put out a great Thanksgiving spread and can usually count on a lot of folks showing up. But that does translate to a ton of dirty dishes, though.)

While we were there, my agent sent me Publishers Weekly’s review of Bond of Fire. They bestowed on it words like “audacious,” “compelling,” “impressive,” and “shockingly heady brew”! Wow!

I literally fell over in the restaurant when I read the message. I did manage to whoop and holler and celebrate large! Us Scorpios do know how to party when we’re given a good reason and this was a spectacular one, however totally unexpected.

May all your birthdays be just as glorious!


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Seeing – and Hearing – My Characters in Action

September 24, 2007 | Better than chocolate,News

Bond of Blood’s book video just went up at my website today! Whoopeeee!

What is it about a book video? I know they’re supposed to make readers want to buy the book – a very kewl idea! – but why didn’t anybody mention they also make the whole story look different to the author? Hey, it’s my story, I’m supposed to know all about it, aren’t I? But when it comes alive on the screen, it’s like meeting my characters in the flesh for the first time all over again – just like the first time I held a printed copy of the book in my hand!

Better than chocolate.

The other thing nobody mentioned – at least not to yours truly – is how much of a difference the music makes to each book video. For example, The Northern Devil’s music is very “Hollywood dramatic.” It suits a story about dark secrets, a cross-country train race in the dead of winter, and two very stubborn people battling each other for love.

The Irish Devil’s music evokes Ireland – and the Wild West’s challenges.

Bond of Blood? Its music is very, very Spanish, filled with guitars and hand claps beating out the dangerous, sensual rhythms.

All very different – and all a fresh introduction to my books.

The Northern Devil

The Irish Devil

Bond of Blood

What do you think?


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