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The First Week Club

My books are typically released on a Tuesday and my publishers consider their first week’s sales to occur between that Tuesday and the following Monday.

To join the First Week Club, please send in a copy of your receipt showing you bought the book during their first week. I’ll be very glad to say thank you by sending you a personalized, gilded bookplate saying you’re a member of my First Week Club.

If you’ve joined it before for one book, please feel free to do so again by sending in your receipts for my later publications. That way, all of my books in your library can have their very own bookplates.

Very important: the receipt’s date must fall between the Tuesday my book first goes on sale and the following Monday.

Please mail the receipt copy to my publicist, Binnie Syril Braunstein, at 7504 Labyrinth Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208-4517, USA. Please also include a name and address (especially city, state and zip/postal code) where your personalized bookplate can be sent.

Also, please include your email addy, just in case Binnie has a question about your address.



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